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Spiritual Tour

HARIDWAR : one of the most important places of pilgrimages for hindu devotees haridwar is a district of the state of uttarakhand ( india) . it is situated on the banks of the holi ganga river which after flowing 253 kms from it’s source at gaumukh and making it’s way through the mountainous terrain of the Himalayas then enters the indo gangetic plains of north india where haridwar is the first city it comes across after which it journey’s mostly through the plain areas of northern india. The ancient name of this place was gangadwara while hardiwar is regarded as one of the seven holiest places by the hindus.

According to the puranic legend of the SAMUDRA MANTHAN ( churning of the oceans) haridwar was one of the four holy places alongside Ujjain , nasik and Allahabad where few drops of the immortal elixir AMRIT was spilled accidently when being carried away by the divine mythical GARUDA. Since then the KUMBHA mela is celebrated once every 3 years in on of the four places and after 12 years at HAIDWAR as the POORNA KUMBHA. During the KUMBHA mela millions of pilgrims , devotees and tourists flock this holy city to perfrom ritualistic baths on the banks of the ganges to wash away their sins and attain moksha. The Brahma kunda , where the AMRIT fell is located at Har ki pauri ( footsteps of the lord) also considered the most sacred ghat of haridwar.

( Cost of trip-80 USD $ per person Including Taxi, lunch, and guide )

Kunjapuri : the holy temple of kunjapuri is located on a hillock at a distance of 25 km from rishihkesh. The temple is devoted to one of the thirteen important goddesses of the shivalik range of the Himalayas and is famous among local population and tourists. The hill top temple provides a splendid view of sunrise and sunset in the great Himalayan peaks. Many snow capped peaks of the garhwal Himalayas like the swarga rohini , gangotri are also visible from the temple.

Puranic legends believe that the bust of the dead sati fell here when her husband lord shiva was carrying her body to kailash. Sati who had immolated herself in the sacrificical fire when her father daksha offended her husband. The temple marks the place where the body part of sati had fell. The temple houses the shrine of godess durga and is famous for its beautiful sunrise.

(Cost of trip-50 USD $ per person) Including Taxi, lunch, and guide

Vashistha cave :believed to be the spot where the great sage vashistha had meditated vashishtha cave is the most favorite destination for practitioners and seekers of yogic wisdom. It is situated to the north of shivpuri on the bank of the ganges. Some believe this place to be mystical enough to have past life experiences while most of the tourists visit this place to meditate in the peaceful and serene environs of the cave. Dedicated to the great BRAHMARSHI vashisth , the legendary guru of lord rama and his brothers lakshaman bharat and shatrughna , it is believed he had meditated here around 9000 years ago.

(Cost of trip- 50 USD $ per person) Including Taxi, lunch, and guide

Devprayag : enroute to shrinagar and rudraprayag another holy city of Devprayag is the point of confluence of two great rivers alaknanda and Bhagirathi , while it is believed that a third mythical saraswati originating from mana village in badrinath merges along with these two rivers and from here it takes the form of the river ganges which continues to flow entering the great northern place merging further with the Yamuna at Prayag , Allahabad. There also exists footprints at “ RAMA KUNDA” here believed to be of lord Ram himself

(Cost of trip-100 USD $ per person) Including Taxi, lunch, and guide

Dehradun : - the capital city of the state of uttarakhand dehradun is both an emerging urban city as well as an important landmark for various institutions and organistions of national repute like the Indian military academy , DEAL , Survey of India , Oil and natural gas corporation of india etc. apart from that it is the home to many famous spiritual destinations like the famous Buddha temple constructed in the clement town area near majra and also the famous tapkeshwar mahadev temple near the garhi cantonment area. With both a busy and bustling urban lifestyle and serene and peaceful natural beauty Dehradun is just 40 km away from the city of rishikesh and provides gateway to the the queen of the hills mussourie situated 32 km further from the city of dehradun

(Cost of trip-80 USD $ per person). Including Taxi, lunch, and guide

Neelkanth- the famous neelkanth temple situated at just a few hours’ drive from rishikesh is one of the most holy shrines devoted to lord shiva as hindu pilgrims visit this place in huge numbers throughout the year. Enveloped within the valley of manikoot hills as per the legends of the puranic tradition the neelkanth temple marks the spot where lord Shiva consumed the destructive poison HALAHAL which originated from the seas during the process of SAMUDRA MANTHAN( churning of the oceans) which was undertook by the DEVAS(gods) and ASURAS( demons) to finally obtain the elixir of immortality. After drinking this poison and concentrating it in his throat lord Shiva’s throat turned blue, and hence he was famously named as NEELKANTH ( the blue throat one).

NEELKANTH Mahadev temple is situated at an elevation of 1330 meters and about 32 km from Rishikesh

(Cost of trip-50 USD $ per person) Including Taxi, lunch, and guide.